Ayelet Berger, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, is one of Nashville’s only Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainers. 

A science-based, force-free, positive reinforcement dog trainer, Ayelet spent nearly a decade volunteering with dog rescue organizations and shelters before creating Sabra Dog Training. She has worked as a veterinary technician and continues her education as a trainer by attending conferences all over the country regarding the latest findings on dog behavior.

Ayelet (pronounced i-yell-it) was born in Israel, raised in Louisville, lived in New York for a decade, before returning to her Southern roots and settling down in Nashville. 

Ayelet works with all dogs, specializing in those that are exceptionally shy and scared. She believes training should be a positive experience for all involved.


Dale Rudin is a CHA certified riding instructor, trainer, writer, and the creator of Unnatural Horsemanship - a mindful approach to the horse-human relationship.  She is also a founding member of Force-Free Tennessee, an animal advocacy organization that promotes humane low-stress training techniques.  When she isn’t teaching or training, Dale offers training advice and tips in Young Rider, Horse Illustrated, and HorseChannel.com.  She is passionate about helping horses reach their potential as our partners and performers by improving their lives.  30 years of experience has galvanized Dale’s belief that success is attained when the horse is a balanced, comfortable, confident, calm, and connected individual.  Dale uses a unique mix of strategies to enhance the equine body and mind that include positive reinforcement, clicker training, equine/rider biomechanics, and classical dressage.  This prepares a horse well for both leisure riding and competitive events.  Dale’s whole-horse approach and emphasis on physical development and emotional health benefit horses of any age, breed, or discipline.  Dale offers healthy boarding, rehabilitation, performance training for horses on her farm in Santa Fe, Tennessee.  Human instruction through lessons, workshops, and clinics is available as well.


Ellen Mahurin, ACAAB, is Tennessee's only Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who is board Certified by the Animal Behavior Society. She earned her master's degree in Experimental Psychology/Animal Behavior from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. 

Ellen grew up on a horse farm in east Tennessee where training dogs and horses was a part of daily life. She keeps her skills sharp by staying up-to-date on scientific research in pet behavior and training. Her training methods effectively treat problem behavior, reduce stress for pets and people alike, foster interspecies communication and support the human-animal bond. More information about board certified behaviorists can be found at certifiedanimalbehaviorist.com. Ellen works with all of Sabra's cat clients as well as severe aggression dog clients and is based out of Franklin.


 Rebecca Lynch, KPA CTP has over 15yrs experience as a certified animal trainer and veterinary technician. She has worked with dogs in many different aspects. She has trained dogs for both live-person and human remains detection on 3 different Tennessee Search and Rescue teams. She has titled dogs in AKC Rally Obedience and participated in other dog-related sports and activities. In addition to training dogs, she has trained rats, cats, horses, chickens, goats and a macaw. 


Rebecca’s heart has been in rescue. Her goal as a trainer was to train pets so that they were less likely to be relinquished to a shelter and has offered free seminars to local rescues on training and behavior. Over the past 2 decades, she has fostered and placed over 200 rescued animals in forever homes. 


Rebecca currently offers fear-free boarding from her home in Portland, TN. Visit www.TheTreatRetreat.com to learn more about her services.